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Marc McDougal Interviews John Berardi – Part III by: Marc McDougal And now the much-anticipated third installment in Marc McDougal’s interview of renowned trainer Dr. John Berardi! Be sure to…

Q&A With Marc McDougal — September by: Marc McDougal Q: I was speaking with a gentleman today at my gym about thick bars, and he recommended contacting you with my…

Q&A With Marc McDougal 1. After nursing my shoulder back from an injury and postural imbalance using your advice, I’ve trained it to become as healthy as ever. Any advice…

Q: I’ve read some of your entertaining commentary making light of health club trainers and BOSU Balls, and understand the idea of focusing on big compound movements to…

Marc’s Bag of Tricks – Part I by: Marc McDougal I’m opening up my bag of tricks and pulling out some quick things you can apply immediately to your workouts…

Marc’s Bag of Tricks – Part II by: Marc McDougal Part 1 Welcome to the 2nd installment of Marc’s Bag of Tricks, the series of articles providing you with quick…

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